Science is one of those subjects where the quality of your materials really does matter - whether you're conducting your first science experiment at school, or you're furthering your specialist subject at university. So, for high quality, durable laboratory furniture that will withstand everyday use from kids and students, our great selection at EduGate is ideal. We are specialists in constructing and importing laboratory tables and equipment that are made to the strictest standards, because we understand science furniture needs to last.

Our selection of laboratory furniture has been hand-picked to ensure it's perfect for a range of uses across schools and universities. You'll find equipment such as hooded tables for use with toxic gases, eye-washes for health and safety, and tables which will ensure your learning environment is kitted out to the highest standard. All of this means, that whatever experiments are under way, it won't just be the students that will be in safe hands - but the teachers too.

Laboratory furnishing


We start learning about the human body from a young age, but for school-age children and university-level students the chance to learn through biology learning resources is important. Textbooks, models, and equipment are all vital tools to make sure classroom-based learning is hands-on, informative, and as interesting as possible. So, here at EduGate we make it our mission to source the latest educational resources at highly competitive prices, to ensure learners have access to equipment that will help them grasp complex information in the best way possible. As well as a great price point, we also make sure our equipment is of an extremely good quality that will withstand daily use by eager students. So whether you're looking for biology learning resources for pupils who are just starting out, or who are well on their way to becoming masters in the subject, we're confident our selection will impress.

At EduGate, we pride ourselves on making learning as fun, compelling, and engaging as possible. Why? Because no one learns anything when they're bored. So, to help put a stop to boring lessons, we've created a whole range of fun, interesting and hands-on physics educational resources that will get students learning. 

Physics may not be the easiest of subjects to grasp, but through our experiential learning resources the subject becomes much less daunting, and altogether a whole lot more fun. Challenging theories, complex information, and physics terminology are given the EduGate treatment to make them more easily understood by young and enquiring minds. The result is one which we hope will speak for itself - students that are more engaged with the subject, excited by the prospect of it, and who actively want to learn.


Scientific formulas, symbols, and equations aren't always the easiest of things to get your head around. So when the scientific language itself is complicated, it's no surprise many children give up on it before they've really grasped the basics. At EduGate, we're trying to change that, and this is why our team has worked hard to compile chemistry-specific learning resources for students of all ages. Children learn by getting involved and taking part, and that's exactly what our learning resources are all about. They bring to life complex chemistry formulas and engage children in ways other, more traditional styles of education fail to. So add fun, interest, and bring science to life in your classroom by using our superb selection of chemistry educational resources. With these new learning tools, we hope you'll soon see your students becoming more engaged - and fascinated - with chemistry.



When it comes to learning about science - and in particular - chemistry, hands-on experiments are all part of the fun. Whether you're conducting classroom-based activities with school-age kids, or you're in a lab with university students, one thing's a must and that's quality equipment. At EduGate, we only import the best quality glassware from world class manufacturers so you can rest assured when you buy from us, you'll be getting the best. Our laboratory glassware is durable, high spec, and perfect for a range of scientific uses. After all, while it's fine for some experiments to result in a bang, it's certainly not what you want from your lab equipment. So kit out your lab with our great range of quality glassware and you'll have a space that's equipped for whatever experiments come its way.