Established in 1972, Edugate began life producing and selling story books with accompanying audio tapes to the Middle East and Gulf region. The mission was simple; make learning fun for both teachers and pupils. Today, Edugate is an important partner in education for thousands of learning institutions. Importing the finest innovative educational products from manufacturers around the world, Edugate supports and develops the key skills taught in the classroom. 

Whether Edugate’s resources are used across the curriculum or targeted to a subject that a child is finding particularly problematic, they are sure to challenge and inspire young minds and increase the fun factor in the learning process. From music to languages, drama to mathematics Edugate games and educational products aim to break down the complexities of difficult concepts, making them fun and easy to learn. 

Boasting an extensive range of products, from interactive science apparatus to outdoor play equipment, Edugate is competitively priced and at the cutting edge of the educational resources market.